Experience, Expertise & Partnership

The company’s advisory staff has thirty-five years of collective experience in many aspects of wealth management, including securities, insurance, and matters related to estate and business continuation planning.

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What is Economic Autonomy?

For most entrepreneurs, economic autonomy means that your assets are capable of generating a desired level of income, you have implemented risk mitigation measures and you are personally debt free.

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Wealth Managment Exclusively for Entrepreneurs

Supporting entrepreneurs in their drive for independence and economic autonomy.™ Read the brochure to learn more now.

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Truly Independent Advice

Why does the fee arrangement matter? Objective, high quality, and truly comprehensive advice can only be expected if that is exactly what an advisor is paid to provide.

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Learn more about our wealth management services for entrepreneurs.

For Entrepreneurs

1Bluestone works exclusively with entrepreneurs. Why? Because we understand and appreciate the unique challenges and circumstances that entrepreneurs face, including greater variety and complexity of assets and liabilities. Bluestone’s expertise is derived from years of experience dealing with these issues and with their impact on personal planning and asset management. Learn more.

Independent Advice

2Our business model reflects our commitment to minimizing conflicts of interest. The only compensation Bluestone receives comes directly from our entrepreneurial clients, no other source. We do not receive commissions, referral fees or asset under management fees. Our advisory services are charged on a fixed fee arrangement and are not calculated based upon a percentage of a client’s assets under management. Learn more.

Innovative System

3Our services assist entrepreneurs in developing and achieving strategic objectives related to their personal and business interests. Integration, perspective and risk management are critical components of the Bluestone System and are woven into the planning process. Learn more.

Investment Philosophy

4Our Investment Philosophy, designed specifically for entrepreneurs, provides a framework for more effective investment decision-making and action. The Philosophy encompasses four major objectives: Reserves, Market Growth, Personal and Aspirational. Every asset should have an investment objective. By assigning objectives to assets, we create an “investment view” for each client’s net worth, thereby providing a unique perspective. Learn more.

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