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"Our life is frittered away by detail…simplify, simplify." 

- Henry Thoreau

Why Entrepreneurs Work with Bluestone.

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Simplicity is powerful in business, and its powerful in our personal lives
Know what you own, why, and how it all fits together.  When you understand who you are and what you want, focus improves, decision-making becomes easier, and clarity and confidence follow.  When you get to the essence of what you want for your business and what you desire personally, focus and confidence follow.

Why pay for advice?
Entrepreneurs are different – their needs call for deep expertise, broad business experience, and a unique business model (no commissions, asset-under-management fees, or referral fees) to maximize confidence in the advice delivered.

How you allocate the cash generated by your business is critical to your long term success.  Entrepreneurs must give consideration to both business and personal objectives.  Our framework for allocating capital facilitates strategic decision making and action.

Bluestone System
An integrated, cohesive system built for entrepreneurs with the goal of getting you to your definition of economic independence.  From strategic plans to new insights across 7 major asset types, we support you each step of the way.

From having a strategic, integrated and understandable financial structure and plan.


It is usually why you became an entrepreneur.  Our system includes an Independence Plan to help you reach your definition of economic independence.