The Bluestone System in action... the following core deliverables provide entrepreneurs with focus, structure, integration and perspective.

Future Focus®

Resulting from an interactive process with your Bluestone advisor, the Future Focus® clearly articulates your business and personal goals, as well as your related risks, strengths and opportunities.

The Future Focus® provides a clear perspective on your unique situation so Bluestone can advise you on strategies that best support reaching your goals. This document serves as a touchstone for asset management decisions, assuring they are based on your specific requirements and objectives.


The Inventory provides you with a clear and concise picture of your assets organized within seven categories and by ownership, as well as a synopsis net worth statement.

Clear documentation and categorization of your wealth (cash, securities, insurance, estate plan, business, real estate, health) is useful in countless situations. It can, for instance, provide needed information to your legal advisors to create or update your estate plan; or it can streamline the application and approval process for line of credit renewals or to purchase or refinance real estate.

Recommendations & Resources

Your existing assets and stated objectives are analyzed in the context of Bluestone’s Investment Philosophy, resulting in individualized recommendations for strategies and resources.

When asset objectives are clear, Bluestone can recommend adjustments and/or resources that best meet your personal needs and aspirations. For instance, you may decide to sell an asset to gain cash reserves to pay off your personal mortgage, gaining freedom, confidence and improved monthly cash flow, which allows you to take advantage of future investment opportunities.

Economic Autonomy Plan

Your plan encompasses a clear definition of economic autonomy, including the specific times, events and monetary resources necessary to accomplish plan objectives.

The plan provides a focused and strategic view of the progress toward your definition of economic autonomy, thereby improving decision making. For example, when an opportunity or challenge arises, you can make decisions with perspective and determine if it will move you closer to your objective.

Meeting Recaps

Regular meetings improve communication and knowledge. Meeting Recap documents summarize your plan of action for the next ninety days and provide an ongoing history of decisions made and actions taken.

Meeting Recap documents provide accountability for you and Bluestone by documenting decisions made, and outlining actions required to achieve results. Designed to be brief and task-driven, the document is distributed via e-mail following your in-person meetings. Though the focus is short-term, the tasks dovetail with the overall strategies outlined in your plan.

Dashboard: Reporting System

This secure, web-based system gives you 24/7 access to your current net worth statement, asset performance reporting, and provides multiple ways of viewing your asset information.

The Dashboard keeps you informed and provides for measurement and comparison of your assets’ performance. It also allows you to provide pertinent information in a specific format to any service provider on demand. Your bank, for instance, may request an updated net worth statement to renew your line of credit; you are able to instantly generate the required password-protected document and e-mail it to your bank.

Cash Flow Projections

Projections measure progress toward economic autonomy, allow for modeling of “what if” scenarios, and inform decision-making and behavior needed today to reach your economic autonomy goals.

Cash flow planning is a useful way to consider and plan for “what if” scenarios. Entrepreneurs inevitably face shifting circumstances, anything from changing industry dynamics to unexpected medical expenses. Projections can assess the likelihood of reaching economic autonomy given many possible factors, both those in, and those out of your personal control. For instance, you may decide to increase your monthly allocation to a particular asset to improve the likelihood of success.

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