Path to Economic Autonomy

Providing Wealth Management to Entrepreneurs

How the Bluestone System Works

For most entrepreneurs, economic autonomy means that your assets are capable of generating a desired level of income, you have implemented risk mitigation measures and you are personally debt free. Bluestone helps entrepreneurs achieve their definition of economic autonomy by guiding them through the concepts listed below.

Vision & Goals

Through an interactive process with your Bluestone advisor, we assist you in clearly defining your personal and business priorities and goals. Reviewing your goals and vision is an integral part of your partnership with Bluestone.

What are your key related risks, strengths and opportunities?

How do you define economic autonomy?

Supporting Deliverables

Having a clear and concise picture of your assets by category, ownership and objective sets the stage for strategy and action.

The Asset Categories

    • Cash
    • Securities
    • Insurance
    • Estate Plan
    • Business
    • Real Estate
    • Health
Supporting Deliverables
    Bluestone’s Investment Philosophy provides entrepreneurs the framework for strategic action. By assigning an objective to each asset, your decision-making and actions will be more effective.

    Investment Philosophy Graphic

    Supporting Deliverables
    Plan & Results
    Your plan provides you with a clear definition of economic autonomy, including specific milestones and measurable progress. Bluestone’s system and tools provide for timely execution and accountability for achieving results.

    Supporting Deliverables

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