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Recommitting to Being Your Personal CFO

As you're setting goals for your business and people for 2024 it will be tempting to "kitchen sink" the exercise, i.e., throw everything onto the list but the kitchen sink. Which as Wordnik(1) nicely explains, means including "almost everything, whether needed or not."


Think carefully about what is truly critical and impactful for you and your team in 2024. Being sticklers for simplicity, we suggest winnowing your list down to 2 - 4 objectives that you can focus on intently over the course of the year. That kind of focus wins, avoiding the distraction and "spread too thin" phenomenon that so often generates subpar results.


Want to see focus in action? Study Frank Slootman, CEO of Snowflake, a rapidly growing data management software company with $60B market cap. One of his mantras: "narrow the focus, increase the quality."(2)


With all requisite humility, here is our plan for 2024: recommit to being the personal CFO for entrepreneurs.


What does that mean? It means bringing insights and organization to entrepreneurs dealing with complexity so they can get back to business.


WE have 3 goals for 2024:


  1. Optimizing how we support our two products - which are insights and organization

  2. Improve the organization product by improving our reporting system

  3. Marketing with emphasis on our role as personal CFO


WE have 4 key values that will define how we do this work in 2024:


  1. Stewardship - first and foremost we are stewards of client purpose and aspirations

  2. Explore - solving client problems with curiosity and learning

  3. Empathy - it's really hard to be an entrepreneur and we keep that in mind at all times

  4. Joy - if we are going to spend precious time doing this work then we are going to make it fun for us and clients


Of course, there's more detail sitting behind these goals and values. But they are the headlines we will be coming back to over and over again throughout the year in pursuit of getting better and better at being the personal CFO for entrepreneurs.



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